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沒入, 感謝, 根性

무언가를 최고로 잘할 필요는 없다
하지만 최선을 다해볼 필요는 있다

Avoid the faluts of your nation
Water shares the good bad qualityies of strata through which it flows, and man ghose of the climate in which he is born. Some owe more than others to zenth There is not a nation even among the most civilised that has not some fault peculiar to itself which other nations blame by way of boast or as a warning. Tis a triumph of eleverness to correct in oneself such national failings or even to hide them you get great credit for being unique among your fellows, and as it is less expected of you it is esteemed the more there are also family failings as well as faults of position, of office or of age If these all meet in one person and are not carefully guarded against they make an intolerable monster a

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    하루에 뭔 말이 이렇게 많은지.. 모르겠다. 하고 싶은 말은 많지만 입밖에는 표현하지 못한다

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